giugno 2015
Pagine 83
Formato cm 14,8 x 21
ISBN: 9788865374030
Categoria: Hobby, Sport e Tempo libero

My Ex did Ironmans

He went too far. It wasn’t just a simple mid-life crisis. Becoming an ironman brings one to a life of solitude. No wife or girlfriend can put up with such training programs. No washing machine can manage all those loads of laundry. At first, the wife/girlfriend is curious about her man’s new passion. Then, she becomes attuned to the reality that he has become a complete tri-fanatic, high on endorphins and seratonin. Ousted from his list of priorities, she quickly realizes that her man is no Olympian, just a clumsy, slow, middle-aged triathlete who, even though he talks of nothing else, will never qualify for Kona! Cleto La Triplice reports on the sentiments of those who have had to put up with the mad diets and bizarre hang ups of the average triathlete, and who at the end have left him; he’s finally free to train all he wants! His ex now has a splendid relationship with a chubby accountant with loads of money and a love of luxury vacations in exotic places. She loves him. He listens to her.




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