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This book explores all the most common aspects of balance. Balance as seen by the average person, with no pretense of absolute scientificity. It takes readers for a mental walk that will stimulate reflection. It helps them read between the lines in a wide variety of subjects. Everything is treated with simplicity and irony. There is no shortage of insights derived from the author’s life experiences and from teaching school. Music is often brought into play to help understand the meaning of many types of balance. Mozart, Rossini and John Cage, just to name a few, come to the aid of the author, who extrapolates a concise review of moments or episodes that are little known to the uninitiated. Renowned sayings and phrases are offered with an original slant. Everything is filtered through the observation of the world with innocent eyes. Nevertheless, the book also poses many profound queries that will dig into the conscience of the most refined readers. The author becomes involved in the conversation with the readers, at times transforming them into protagonists for brief moments and involving them in solving problems, but without giving them an absolute preconceived solution, should one exist. The book reviews a wide variety of topics ranging from love to sports and from teaching to pleasure and doesn’t neglect aesthetic or inner aspects such as religion. The reading is smooth, infused with bits of wit and irony that come with an almost rhythmic, musical cadence.

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