agosto 2021
Pagine 58
Formato cm 14,8 x 21
ISBN: 9788855122030
Categoria: Poesia

Eliadi. Imaginal poetry notebooks


Imaginal poems written by Maresa and Lucia Elia. The authors are 2 sisters who in 2020 meet again because of the earthly loss of their beloved mother. A delicate time for their emotional life, for their profession, for all mankind involved in a painful world event. A time that requires reflection, courage, dedication and mutual support. This is how space is created to tell about their life, researching and revealing their deepest essence The search becomes a journey to discover images indicating paths, words suggestions by sentiment, shared presence, while pain becomes love in action. A journey into the divine consciousness that lives inside each of us.
A suspended time that gives the strength to walk the circle of existence in harmony.





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