gennaio 2015
Pagine 221
Formato cm 17 x 24
ISBN: 9788865374153
Categoria: Scienza e Tecnica

Complexity and Resilience Rating

New Paradigms in Finance, Economics and Sustainable Investment

With all likelihood high complexity is the most evident and dramatic characteristic of not just the economy; it is also the hallmark of our lives. In a complex economy conventional risk management, risk rating and business intelligence technologies are becoming dangerously outdated. The tools and solutions presented in this book have been architectured specifically for turbulence and for a complex economy dominated by shocks, destabilizing events and instability. In particular, the book proposes a new rating model based on resilience, the capacity to withstand such shocks, beyond the increasingly irrelevant but still popular idea of Probability of Default (PoD). Moreover, it is shown how in an interconnected economy rating single companies provides little insight as to its state of health and sustainability and how large-scale systemic analyses of ecosystems of corporations can provide new knowledge and new insights for the global investor. Finally, new approaches to asset allocation and portfolio design based on complexity and resilience are introduced.




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